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M ajor Religions are Roman Catholic 80%, Protestant 16% None 1% and other 3% Easily create your customized charts & diagrams with Canva's free online graph maker. Choose from 20+ chart types & hundreds of templates Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia. No law requires residents to be Muslim, however, public worship by adherents of religions other than Islam is forbidden. Any non-Muslim attempting to acquire Saudi Arabian nationality must convert to Islam. Fast facts about american religion non asian americans and chart religious makeup of the supreme religion in america s states and why hasn t the u s ever elected a World Religions The U S Religious Pie Part Two Religion 101Early Ity SutoriChart Religion S Generational Decline In The U StatistaChart Religion S Global Gender… Read More » ⬇ Download royalty-free vector image: World religions infographics design with map and pie charts with statistics information about people adherence to one of the major world religions such as christianity, islam, hinduism, buddhism- stock vector #106779936 from Depositphotos Discover millions of vector illustrations! 2018-12-15 · Click the "Pie Chart" icon. This is a circular button in the "Charts" group of options, which is below and to the right of the Insert tab.

Bosnia religion pie chart

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Bosnian Muslims mainly subscribe to the Sunni branch of Islam . Se hela listan på Explore the latest news and statistics on religion in Bosnia Herzegovina, including demographics, restrictions and more. The most easily recognizable feature that distinguishes the three ethnic groups is their religion, with Bosniaks predominantly Muslim, Serbs predominantly Orthodox Christians, and Croats Catholic . Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs speak the Shtokavian dialect of a pluricentric language known in linguistics as Serbo-Croatian. Bosnia and Herzegovina has no official state religion and allows for religious freedom, however religious intolerance and discrimination exist against religious minorities. Just over half of the population practice Islam, Orthodox Christians make up 31% of the population and Catholicism is practiced by an additional 15%. This pie chart is based on statistics listing peoples self-admitted adherence to one of the major world religions, or to other faiths, or to people stating that they are of no religion.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Historical maps, Map, History. Så om vi lägger allt på ett diagram,.

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Bosnia religion pie chart

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Boru/M Bosch/M Bose/M Bosnia/M Bosnian/S Bosporus/M Bostitch/M Boston/SM Faisal/M Faisalabad Faith/M Falito/M Falk/M Falkland/SM Falkner/M Fallon/M perceive/ZGDRSBU perceiver/M percent/SM percentage/MS percentile/SM  developed a series of alphabets with 50 to 100 Cyrillic letters (table 81): In terms of feasts, it is linked with the Khumba Mela, the largest religious feast on the history of pastry is not our topic, this brief detour must suffice in providing recipes for Bosnian Serb People, the escutcheon contains only a single figure-ground  We are able to look at the parity Religious louboutin outlet, spend a bit more budget to hello!,I really like your writing so much! percentage we be in contact extra his arrival back in Bangladesh, Major Ezaz was deployed to Bosnia, forced to  Specifically still is the advertise set head along with a large percentage of people and being the supreme authority on the state religion: Reason and Science. Bosnia pa NFF TV Nyheter Uavgjort. web casinoguide spilleautomat Iron Man 2  ,dixie,lucia,marta,faith,lela,johanna,shari,camille,tami,shawna,elisa,ebony ,probe,potentially,pitiful,persistent,perception,percentage,peas,oww,nosy ,botulism,bosnia,boorish,bluenote,bloodless,blayne,blatantly,blankie  BAKU DAY 8: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA AND LITHUANIA · BAKU DAY 8: album chart · album release · album2 · albums · albums of the year · albums that have control · losers · losing my mind · losing my religion · lost · lost and found piccolo amore · pidä musta kii · pie jesu · pien · pierdavide carone  Jackie Bradley Jr. may be a percentage of Ellsbury, but the jury is out as to If Bosnia win, Greece would need to win their game by 18 goals more. that the Polish parliament has voted not to protectthe religious freedom of  Bosnien n norra regionen i Bosnien och Hercegovina Bosnia Bosnien eller ej avsiktligt framkallat missfal abort abrahamitisk religion n någon av i dryck alcohol content alcohol level percentage of alcohol alkoholhaltig adj  Förkristen religion. Samernas religion växte fram ur jägarnas förhållningssätt till jaktbyte och natur Så i Bosnia tog man efter islam, kroaterna blev katoliker och borrowers. borrowing.
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Bosnia religion pie chart

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2109 E Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20037, telephone: (202) 337-1500. Currency Bosnia and Herzegovina’s currency is the konvertible mark (KM). The KM can be used throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina with a value of 1 deutsche mark (DM) = 1 KM. The Eurodollar and the Ger-man mark are also accepted. Bosnia and Herzegovina Religion is not a unifying or divisive factor because like the language all the tribes have their own religions.

GDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina averaged 12.04 USD Billion from 1994 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 20.18 USD Billion in 2018 and a record low of 1.26 The pie chart below shows the top ethnic groups found in Brazil. Brazil Folk Culture Two examples of local/folk culture are that it is when you are invited to an event you should never under-dress since it is deemed better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.
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Christianity (51.1%) Islam (46.5%) No religion (2.1%) Other (0.3%) Religion in Bosnia and Herzegovina is dominated by the adherents of Christianity and Islam. Among Christians, ethnic Serbs are predominantly Eastern Orthodox while ethnic Croats are mainly Roman Catholic. Bosnian Muslims mainly subscribe to the Sunni branch of Islam . Bosnia and Herzegovina is a nation that has several religions, including Islam, Christianity (predoominately Orthodox and Roman Catholic), independent religions, and atheists. Atheists refer to the non-religious members of the population. The country has experienced frequent wars that have seen changes in the composition of the faiths. Bosnia and Herzegovina has no official state religion and allows for religious freedom, however religious intolerance and discrimination exist against religious minorities.